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Why the American Dream For Younger Generations Isn’t Dead

Investor’s Business Daily recently wrote an article entitled “Is The American Dream Dead for Millennials And GenX?”

The article paints a bleak picture for younger generations and backs it up with some supporting research in an effort to make a convincing argument. The premise is this: the recession forced younger generations into lower paying jobs that will affect them for decades and they are forced to take on more debt which will be an added burden for decades to come.

This is a great example of the media trying to scare us. Yes, every generation has its issues and some of today’s younger generations have to deal with the effects of starting their career during the recession. The article doesn’t go into the lessons these generations have learned, such as being more cost conscious. Or how that could benefit them down the road.

A line in the article reads “The Silent Generation, those born from 1925 to 1942, “did the best of all because they lived in the golden era of economic growth”. But in many cases their careers got started shortly after the Great Depression. What’s preventing the struggles of today’s younger generations from fueling them and propelling them to a new level of wealth?

We’re seeing increased innovation and scientific breakthroughs on a daily basis. The world economy is more accessible than ever before, allowing billions of people to connect. The internet is igniting our imagination to think and operate on levels that older generations couldn’t even dream of. Despite what we hear in the news, the world is safer, healthier, and wealthier than ever before.

To me, the American Dream is far from dead. I believe that younger generations will continue to push the boundaries and make the world and their own lives better.