During the depths of the recession of 2008 and 2009, investors had lost confidence in their portfolios, the economy and to some extent capitalism itself. It was in this state of mind that many investors made mistakes with their investments. They made emotional decisions, listened to the “talking heads”, sold at the bottom, and some have sat on the sidelines ever since.

That’s a problem, a big problem. The traditional “buy & hold” approach to investing works well for some investors but the volatility that goes with it can spook other investors into bad decisions.

How can investors reach their financial goals and objectives if they don’t have confidence in their portfolio and investment strategies?

As a result, “The Great Recession” challenged us to create a better experience for our clients so they can find the confidence to invest in the markets and not have a similar experience occur again:

1)      We developed The Active Asset Allocation Portfolio (The AAA Portfolio) to mitigate investment risk through diverse and global asset classes and simple trend-based following investment techniques. This unique strategy is designed specifically for investors concerned that another recession could happen but still take advantage of market appreciation.

2)      We instituted a more thorough communication system for our clients, both through meetings and electronically. We want clients listening to us, their financial advisor, not the “talking heads” and pundits on TV.  This blog is just one of our channels we’re using.

Bottom line: We can help investors find the confidence to invest.



Michael Lecours, CFP®

Michael is a Financial Advisor bringing over a decade of experience in the financial services industry to develop strategies that help clients reach their financial goals. He leverages his background in advertising to distill complex client situations into straightforward strategies, to provide a clear roadmap for the client to follow and injects a disciplined approach to all facets of the process.

Active in the community, Michael sits on the board of directors for Connecticut Forest & Park Association and is active in the Farmington Land Trust. Michael is also a founding member of Connecticut Valley’s FPA NexGen organization, a community of young Financial Planners looking to become better business leaders.

Ronald G. Lecours, CFP®

Ron was a major force in building the investment firm and now manages more than $100 million of retirement assets for his clients. He specializes in the unique rules, investment management, distribution, and estate planning considerations for IRAs and other assets for retirement income planning. A Certified Financial Planner, Ron has served on the boards of the International Association for Financial Planning and the Institute of Certified Financial Planners. He has been a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and was named to Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group®, a national network of IRA specialists. He is a member of the Connecticut Chapter of the Financial Planning Association and the Estate and Business Planning Council of Hartford. Ron received a BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut and an M.Ed. from Boston College.