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Nine Connections You Didn’t Know Between Happiness and Retirement

Money Magazine recently wrote a great article about happiness and retirement.  Here are a few key take-aways:

  1. People rate happiness highest in their teens and twenties.  Then it drops down between their 30’s and 60’s. But it rises again in retirement.
  2. The age at which folks are happiest, according to a study by Wes Moss, is 85!
  3. According to the Moss study, retirees can buy happiness.  The more money in savings/investments the happier the retiree. But anything over the $550,000 level isn’t as effective at increasing happiness. There is a leveling off effect that occurs.
  4. Retirees have more enjoyment in spending money that comes from a pension or social security rather than spending money from investments in their 401(k)/IRA or savings.
  5. The Moss survey suggested that retirees with 4 hobbies are happier than those with 1 or 2.
  6. Retirees who find a part time job tend to have fewer major diseases.  In many cases, they can find jobs that are fun or connected to a hobby.
  7. Retirees who rent tend to be happier than those who own their own homes
  8. Retirees who live within 10 miles of their children tend to be less happy than those who live farther away. The reason why remains a mystery.
  9. The satisfaction someone receives from spending time with friends and family is highest among those aged 65+.